Embracing the Summer Heat with Outdoor Flair

July 6, 2016

It's finally here: the doldrums of summer. For many, the heat that permeates our crescent city would be unbearable, overwhelming and too much to handle. For the residents of New Orleans, it invokes the same feelings, yet we must deal with it because we simply don't have another choice! It's interesting to imagine what this city was like in its infancy where the sidewalks in the French Quarter didn't exist and the residents were in their traditional Antebellum clothing. At least we have air conditioning these days (and bars with cold drinks) to keep cool.


On those rare, breezy summer nights when you can enjoy the outdoors and not feel on the verge of melting, it is always a treat to me to explore options in decorating an outdoor space. Of course, they are best with a water feature (read: swimming pool!) but the options to customize a space for yourself are really endless. I wanted to focus today on some inspired outdoor accessories for your yard, courtyard, porch, or whatever place you choose to spend time outside. I've have always believed that having an unset table is always a no-no; make sure that you have items that you can use outside to really take your tablescape to the next level. Here I am going to share some accessories that I think would help transform an outdoor space from somewhere outside to a true extension of your living space. 


Gray ceramic planter with hydrangea detail.

Gray ceramic planter with hydrangea detail.


I am absolutely in love with these two planters. Each one if of formidable size and they would be used perfectly in an arrangement of flowers, both tall and short. Really, the hydrangea detail could be used as inspiration for, of course, an arrangement of hydrageas! All kidding aside, these could be used both inside and out for the duration of the year and the ideas for arrangements are left up to you. 


Large antiqued ceramic planter  


This is one of those pieces that is new, but does not belie its age. This large ceramic planter would be fantastic with a potted tree inside or even turned into an outdoor fountain. Its patina makes it look like it has only ever been outside and its size makes quite the statement for your outdoor space. 

White ceramic lidded jars with raised detail


I love a lidded jar like this and all of the possibilities you can with them. I would imagine that something like this could be used in an outdoor space to hide something you would not want in plain sight. As it can be easily washed, you could put anything from dog toys to small gardening tools in this handsome jar. Its size makes it very useful for a variety of different things and its look would let it sit out and add visual interest to a space. 


 Handmade flower candle holders for tea lights and votives


Once you get the area you use to enjoy the outdoors sorted, it's time to move on to the tablescape. These handmade flower candle holders are perfect for a table or for a porch area and could be used both inside and out. Their delicate nature is exemplified in the handmade details and would certainly add a delicate balance to a space. 


After writing this, I am looking forward to going home and making sure that my outdoor spaces are summer ready! I think that people often forget that your outdoor space is an extension of your home and should be utilized at every opportunity. Whether your home is large or small or your space is unfinished or landscaped, it is about how you use it. Make sure to enjoy decorating for the summer and enjoy the outdoors! 


Until next time




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