First Look: Navigating The World of Latest Products and Trends

July 28, 2016

I think I have spent a lot of time speaking as to how design should remain "classic" or "timeless" because we all want our interior design aesthetic to be immune to changing trends and new fads. As a designer and a store owner, I have to navigate a fine line between buying items that speak to my aesthetic and having new items that are within the realm of "latest and greatest". Of course, navigating this path is quite fun actually, because I can go to market and find things that were previously undiscovered, new product lines and vendors that have really incredible products, and be able to bring these back to my clients and customers here at Source Interior Designs


I do love to attend the markets that take place across the country because not only do they offer me a mini-vacation, but I get to go on vacation doing what I love to do. There are different markets that take place at different times throughout the year and each one has a different focus on the products that you may find there. I have the opportunity to go to the Las Vegas Market 2016, which is described as:


"...Since its launch in the Summer of 2005, Las Vegas Market has become the most comprehensive furniture, home décor and gift market in the Western United States, presenting a unique cross-section of 3,000+ resources in an unrivaled market destination. Here you will find:

The only home furnishings market in the west

The fastest growing gift & home décor market in the nation

THE national bedding market

New category launches including casual/outdoor, and housewares/gourmet

5 million square-foot, state of the art venue"


Whew! Needless to say, this can be a little overwhelming, but this is why I go to navigate the market on my own to *source* these items for my clients and customers. 


When deciding that an update is necessary to your interiors or there is a certain trend that is evident in the world of interior design that really speaks to you, I think it is best to move slow. I like to go to market and not do a complete overhaul of the items I have in my showroom or a complete shift in my aesthetic, but I prefer to start small and let these new items (and trends) trickle in naturally. I would give this advice to my clients as well: start with small things, accessories or 1 piece of furniture and see how you like it. Feel its presence in your home and let this shift in interior dynamics dictate what the next step is. For some people, it could really be one new piece of art, sculpture, a lamp, etc. that would help spur on real change. On the other hand, some people know that they want to go in an entirely new direction and completely change the design of their interiors. Of course, there is no right way or wrong way because how you process or desire change is entirely up to you. For myself, I like to introduce pieces into a space and let them do the talking. 


The Las Vegas Market Pinterest page was really helpful for me to see what trends are emerging in 2016 and what new retailers and vendors are new to Market. I found that there is a variety of different looks that are "on trend" and many of them really spoke to me and my aesthetic. 


 They focused on metallic finishes, which have always been a love of mine. I thought this faux bamboo floor mirror, finished in gold, would be a beautiful statement in a bedroom. 

I love the a colorful sofa. While neutrals are perfect for mostly any space, adding a POP of color with a sofa like this could really transform a space and kick it up a notch.  

 I adore the natural look of rattan in a space. It brings the outside in, with it's natural fibers and rough hewn look. This awesome chair is included in the "New Bohemian" trend that will be showcased at the Las Vegas Market. 

 This vignette was part of the "Calming Colors" trend that is very much a New Orleans look with the neutral tone sofa and a pop of ikat. I always love a seagrass rug (I have one in my living room!).


I was also excited to see that, this time around, I am ahead of the trends! I picked up these next two pieces a while ago and they are available at Source Interior Designs as we speak. I love the bold look of these two pieces, with the agate and the gold finishes. We did not get the bookends as shown, but I chose to get two gold boxes that feature the agate detail on the top. 




Until next time,



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